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OPA Car Care Products is pleased to announce our new product line in collaboration with
RBW Supply Company, MACC Solutions, Simoniz, and other major manufacturers. Our
customers use these products but currently source them from many different vendors. We
recruited Rob White, a product specialist who is a well-known and respected expert in this
field, to help us in this venture. We have spent the last few months building a product line
that is second to none! We can help our customers by streamlining sources and using the
OPA purchasing power to drive costs down. You can keep fewer products on the shelf with
our next-day replenishment, which will be delivered by your regular OPA route salesperson.
We can also help transition the purchasing decisions to those higher in the management
chain, without causing a major disruption in your busy daily schedule.
Our outside sales team and the inside sales team for Benchmark and OPA will be trained to
help you with your order. Billing will be clear, concise, and easy to understand.
We look forward to working with you in this new venture. Please do not hesitate to call if you
have questions or concerns. We truly value your business and hope you will give us an
opportunity to earn more of your business with this product line.

Marvin Windham


Our Best Selling Products


Jaxx Paint Zorb

Absorbent designed for picking up paints, solvents and oils.

Fully absorbs and encapsulates paint, solvents,
and oils. Fast acting; absorbs immediately to
lessen exposure time. Nonhazardous, nontoxic,
and noncarcinogenic. Naturally derived; no synthetic
fillers means no liquid residue. Absorbs
over 800% of its own weight in paint, therefore
saving money by using less.

Kimtech Low Lint Prep Wipers

Jumbo 15407918
cs-1/4 fold 15407904

Our KIMTECH PREP wipers are designed for wiping tasks where low lint or use of chemicals is required. Engineered for critical applications involving solvents, inks, and paints.Acid, base and solvent resistant.Perfect for use with lubricants, oil, and grease. Polypropylene construction.

OPA Clear Cutter

NU1800MA4 - 1 GAL
NU1800MA5 - 5 GAL
NU1800MAD - 55 GAL

Concentrated heavy duty degreaser designed for removing heavy soils consisting of dirt, oil, grease, and brake dust. Do not apply to hot dry wheels.

Flitz Headlight Restoration Kit

Kit Restores 100 Headlights

This time-saving process removes
the ugly, hazy film on the
surface of headlights. Use
on headlights, taillights,
windshields, plastic camper
eisenglass, plastic windows,
convertible car windows,
helmet face shields, and bug deflectors.


High Foam Prep Wash

U3930MS4 - 1GAL
U3930MS5 - 5 GAL

High PH foaming and degreasing vehicle wash designed for removing road film and other oily residues from vehicle surfaces prior to body shop repair. Can also be used to prepare vehicle clear coat for waxing.