OPA is a unique group of non-competing dealers that give customers what they need to succeed and provide services for a cost that allows our dealers to succeed as well.

One of the advantages of the OPA that has allowed us to survive so long is our salespeople. These employees are motivated to ensure customer service. Our employees will not only represent the OPA members to the customers on the routes for which they’re responsible, but they will also point out (quite candidly) shortcomings by individual OPA dealers. They are our eyes and ears, and those of us in the OPA have learned to listen when they speak. Our salespeople are one reason why we’ve succeeded when so many other organizations that have tried to mimic us have not.

The OPA charter member group will constantly monitor the effectiveness of our operation to make sure we continue to meet our main goals:

  • Maintain a customer-friendly delivery system that regards customers as customers — always.
  • Use drivers, trucks, and processes that will reflect positively on the represented OPA dealerships at all times. We plan to only hire and keep happy, accurate, and trustworthy drivers!
  • Keep the amount of “part touches” to a minimum and stress damage control and loss prevention throughout the system to all elements of the delivery.
  • Keep the system simple and cost-effective to prevent costs from escalating out of control, while at the same time ensuring consistent good service to all our customers.

If anyone finds us failing in any of our goals, please contact one of our dealers, so the shortfall can be addressed. We appreciate our customers, and our goal is not only to meet your needs but also to exceed your needs and give you the WOW factor!



Thanks for all your support,

Overnight Parts Alliance (OPA) Dealers

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